Caretaker 99 Cleaning Head Bayonet  Style

Caretaker 99 Cleaning Head Bayonet Style


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Caretaker 99 Cleaning Head Bayonet  StyleCaretaker 99 Cleaning Head Bayonet  StyleCaretaker 99 Cleaning Head Bayonet  Style
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Replacement Bayonet Cleaning Head ONLY for Polaris Caretaker In-Floor Cleaning System. Also manufactured under Aquatech In-Floor System, Aquatech, California Pools HydroClean, and Caretaker 99.

The bayonet-style Caretaker 99 replacement head is for use in pools built during or after 1991. This new bayonet-style cleaning head simplifies the removal of cleaning heads from the pool floor.

When ordering your Caretaker cleaning head you need to order a nozzle insert (sold separately). Below are the different inserts to choose from and what they are typically used for.

MINI: 5 GPM, 2’ Cleaning Radius.
Used on small top steps, benches, beach entries or swim-outs to avoid splash out.

STEP AND BENCH: 7 GPM, 4’ Cleaning Radius.
Used in steps, pool benches, spa benches, swim-outs and beach entries.

FLOW ADJUST: 12 GPM 4’6” Cleaning Radius. Used to balance flows or increase cleaning on steps, benches and/or spas.

STANDARD: 16 GPM, 5’ Cleaning Radius.
Used in floor of pools and, at times, steps, spas, and benches to balance the flow or achieve greater cleaning.

FLOW PLUS: 25 GPM, 6’ Cleaning Radius.
Used when extra distance is needed in the area or when required to balance the flow rate. Used regularly on UltraFlex valve systems.

HIGH FLOW: 30 GPM, 7’6” Cleaning Radius.
Used when maximum cleaning distance is needed. Used commonly in commercial pools and to balance flows. It is always used in Environpool floors. (NOTE: This nozzle is pre-inserted at the factory and cannot be removed.) To purchase a High Flow head.

Note: This is the cleaning head only. Collars are sold separately.

Part Numbers:

  • Light Cream 3-9-500
  • Tile Blue 3-9-504
  • Light Gray 3-9-507
  • Bright White 3-9-508
  • Pebble Gold 3-9-502
  • Charcoal Gray 3-9-503
  • Jet Black 3-9-501

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