• Has anything been added to your equipment, such as Chlorinators, Solar, Heaters, etc? If so, these may be restricting flow to your valve.
  • Are your filters clean? Not Sure. Refer back to the TroubleShoot Your System Page.
  • Do you have a heater? Make sure the heater bypass is open. What is a heater bypass? Heaters are restrictive, and every in-floor manufacturer recommends that a bypass be installed to prevent heat loss to the valve. There should be a bypass between the feed line and the out line of the heater. If this was not installed, have a certified plumber install one. It is simple, and should take less than an hour.  

Assuming your In-Floor valve is not bypassing water, high pressure at the filter and low pressure at the water valve indicates a restriction between your filter and the valve. The most common issue is your filter. Over time the filter becomes restrictive, and the internal needs to be replaced. For Sand Filters, you should change every 5 years, replace your cartridge filters every two years (or less), and replace your DE filters every three to five years, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations.