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Riviera Pools, once one of the largest pool companies in the Phoenix area, closed its doors on September 16th due to the construction slowdown and their recent file for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, this sudden closing has left many pool owners with limited options in replacing their infloor pool cleaning parts. Luckily, Infloor Pool Parts offers a slection of cleaning heads and water valve parts to replace the Riviera system parts. We offer compatible Paramount Retrojet QuikClean 2 Cleaning Heads for A&A Manufacturing Systems that REPLACE the Riviera Cleaning Heads, which are no longer sold. We also offer A&A Manufacturing Water Valves which REPLACE the Riviera Pools Water Valves. Not only are these replacement parts guarenteed to be compatible with your Rivieria System, they are more reliable and of a much higher quality. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this replacement alternative, do not hesitate to contact Infloor Pool Parts. We have tested the compatiblity and will be happy to help with all your infloor part needs.