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About In-Floor Cleaning Systems

Considering installing an In-Floor Cleaning System in your new swimming pool or spa? Well, contemplate no longer. Not only do In-Floor Cleaning Systems provide exceptional efficiency in obtaining your pool’s cleanliness, they also make your pool’s maintenance process virtually effortless. Needless to say, an In-Floor Cleaning System will ultimately save you, as a pool owner, time and effort down the road.

In-Floor Cleaning Systems provide the best possible performance by systematically moving heavy debris toward your pool’s main drains, while suspending the light debris, which are removed by the standard filtration process. This complex process is guided by cleaning nozzles, or “pop-up” heads, which are installed in your pool’s floor, steps, benches, and swim-outs. A water valve, or distributor valve, serves as your pool’s central cleaning component in controlling these cleaning nozzles. This valve has anywhere from 5 to 10 stations(depending on the pool size)which are typically located near the pool. Rotating in a clockwise position, the water valve begins at the shallow end working towards the deep end of the pool.

The many advantages of an In-Floor Cleaning System are well worth the initial extra dollar. They not only increase your turnover rates by evenly distributing water throughout your pool, they save you money on other common pool expenses. Based on a study conducted at Arizona State University, an In-Floor Cleaning System will save an average pool owner up to 30% on chemical usage, 30% on power consumption, and 40% on additional heating expenses. 

The three manufacturers of In-Floor Cleaning Systems:Caretaker Systems Inc, A&A Manufacturing, and Paramount Pool Systems pride themselves in providing innovative cleaning systems to the growing number of pool owners. Each company offers a lifetime warranty on their parts and a 99% Cleaning Guarantee.

Unfortunately, much of the information on the Internet misconstrues the overall functionality and efficiency of In-Floor Cleaning Systems. Many pool owners are unaware that In-Floor Cleaning Systems are initially designed to operate with 100% of the pool’s flow, meaning if the hydraulics of the system change, the pool will not clean properly. Often, a pool owner will replace a pump with an incorrect size, or add new equipment, such as ozonators, solar heaters, or salt chlorinators, which change the hydraulics and disorient the system. Luckily, there is a simple fix to this problem. Although these additions will reduce the flow of the system if they are added after its initial installation, they can work in conjunction with your system if you let the manufacturer know prior to installation, so that he can design your system accordingly. So, by simply contacting the manufacturer of your In-Floor Cleaning System before upgrading your pool equipment, you can prevent your system from not functioning properly.

So, why not purchase a Pool VAC instead? Although Pool Vacuums work well to a point, their overall performance is limited. Unlike an In-Floor Cleaning System, a Pool VAC cannot clean steps, benches, or maintain both your pool and attached spa simultaneously. In addition, if your pool is custom designed with bar stools, tables, sun shelves, or fountains; the VAC can become tangled around these structures.

Furthermore, the warranties on Pool Vacuums are extremely limited, as most manufacturers make revenue on replacement parts. So in purchasing a Pool VAC, you can expect to pay at least $150 a year repairing it. Although the initial cost of a Pool Vacuum is far less, the annual savings in maintenance costs, power consumption, and chemical usage of an In-Floor Cleaning System will pay off in the long run.

Overall, purchasing an In-Floor Cleaning System is an absolute necessity for any pool owner who wants the most efficient pool maintenance product on the market. Because everything is completely automatic, with an In-Floor System, there is no need to waste your time manually cleaning and constantly buying common pool cleaning supplies. If you want the best and most effortless pool cleaning method possible, an In-Floor Cleaning System is, by far, your best bet!