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We made In Floor Pool Parts to help educate swimming pool owners on how to operate and repair their in floor cleaning systems. Many times, we've seen mechanics in the pool and spa industry disregard pool owner's broken in floor systems and recommend they switch to a pool vac system instead. This is incredibly unfortunate because often times, these systems usually just need certain parts replaced instead of investing in a different system. We created In Floor Parts so we can help our customers' broken cleaners get up and running again, and so we can make sure our customers' functioning cleaners stay functioning and healthy.

We're based in Scottsdale, Arizona and have been involved in the pool and spa industry for over ten years. Our owners have previously worked at Caretaker Systems, Inc. as certified installers and have repaired hundreds of in floor systems throughout the Phoenix Valley. After working with Caretaker, our owners decided it was time to start their first e-commerce site. Since then, they've expanded their inventory to sell all different kinds of swimming pool parts through different e-commerce sites such as Pool Vac Parts, SaltWater Pool Parts, Swim CSI, and Pool and Spa Designs.

We appreciate you taking the time to browse our inventory. If you have any technical questions please do not hesitate to contact us.