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TroubleShoot Your System (PLEASE READ)

Before you begin troubleshooting your In-Floor Cleaning System, it is important to thoroughly clean your swimming pool filters, pump baskets, and skimmer baskets. An In-Floor Cleaning System's performance is based on proper flow resulting from clean, efficient filters, and without it, your swimming pool will cease to clean correctly. Even if you’ve cleaned your filters within the last few weeks, CLEAN THEM AGAIN. It's surprising how many pool-owners purchase unnecessary replacement parts, when all they really need to do is properly maintain the cleanliness of their filters.

Furthermore, make sure all Auxiliary Valves are closed, and 100% of your pool's water is directed towards the Actuator Valve (In-Floor Valve.) This includes your wall returns, spa spillway, or any other water features that operate on the same pump as your In-Floor Cleaning System.

SALT CHLORINATORS: If you have a Salt Chlorinator in your swimming pool, make sure the cell is clean. Over time, the cell can build up calcium deposits on its plates, causing a restriction in water flow. Many pool-owners do not realize that these need to be serviced every few months. If you have not cleaned your cell recently, take it apart and verify that there aren't any obstructions!

PRESSURE: Your filter pressure should operate around 30 PSI, and your In-Floor Valve should operate around 20 PSI. However, the hydraulics of each pool vary, so use this as a recommendation. The primary purpose of your In-Floor Cleaning Sytem is to keep your pool clean; if your system is cleaning properly, do not be too concerned if the pressure is low.

WARNING: Do not exceed over 30 PSI on your In-Floor Valve. If you do, damage may occur over time, causing your valve to leak, or possible floor nozzle failure. If you do NOT have a pressure gauge on your water valve, make sure your filter pressure operates under 35 PSI.

OPERATION: Make sure you run your pool efficiently. Do not expect your In-Floor Cleaning System to work well if you are only operating your pool three to four hours a day. A good rule of thumb is to run your pool one hour for every ten degrees of weather. For example, if it is 110 degrees outside, you should run your pool for about 11 hours. Not only will this help with cleaning, it will also stop algae from forming and prevent your water from turning murky and green.


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