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New Product Release Info
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This is the NEW 2010 Jandy Caretaker 5 Port Water Valve. The old Caretaker 5 Port Valve has 1. 5 inch outlets and is NOT compatible with the new model. For replacement parts for the older PRE 2010 Valve click here. For replacement parts for the NEW 2010 Valve click here.


  • What is the difference between the valves?
    - The old bottom plate outlets were 1.5”. The new bottom plate outlets are NOW 2 “, which eliminates the need for reducer bushings. All other assembly techniques remain the same i.e. clamp alignment, pin and o-rings. If ONLY the existing bottom plate needs tp be changed, no need to change the valve.
  • Are the old and new unions compatible?
    -No. The new buttress threaded “Jandy” union nut on the top of the valve is a smaller diameter. The change affects both the housing part number (5-1-2004) and the union assembly part number (4-1-2004). This change is not backward compatible in the field unless the originally installed unions ate changed out as well. The new one is narrower and contains smaller ribs. The onld Caretaker “hook tool” will not work on the new nut. On current installations, use the current valve replacement options. On old valve replacements, cut the feed line and install new union.
    NOTE: The original screen will fit the new union.
  • How can I visually identify the new valve?
    -The label on the “new” valve will be gold and is labeled “Jandy Caretaker.” The old valve is red and is labeled “Polaris Caretaker.” See Q&A PDF for additional information and photos.


Caretaker 5 Port Water Valve Q&A - Provides information on the differences between the old and new systems.

NEW Caretaker 5 Port Manual - Provides guidance and direction for new valve installation and replacement.