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Animal Pro 22" Vinyl Brush

Animal Pro 22" Vinyl Brush


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  • Product Description
This 22" flexible curved brush makes cleaning the pool a breeze and can be used on all surfaces.

Part of the Animal Pro series it features the patented SpeedLock System which allows it to have a stronger pole connection and elminates pole flare.

Product Features
  • No Metal - no corrosion, no pole damage, no vinyl liner tearing, no rust causing screws to leave behind
  • Stronger - the patented SpeedLock collar strengthens the tool connection while still allowing it to flex and bend when needed
  • Pole Protection - the pole fits in the SpeedLock collar, eliminating pole flare damage, and extending the life of your pole
  • Corner Brushing - exclusive bristled end caps designed for brushing in those difficult corners
  • Flexible and Durable - constructed of high impact plastics that give this brush both strength and flexibility
  • Magnetic - strong magnets allow you to quickly pick up those rust causing metal objects
  • Bold Bristles - more volume and length with ultra UV protection. The Stinger bristles were designed for performance and longer life

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