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Blue Square Q03 Ozone System


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Q03 Advanced Oxidation System

QO3 Ozone Generators replicate the Sun's UV Rays via a VUV (very ultra violet) lamp. Once ambient air passes over the VUV light, the Oxygen molecules split into individual Oxygen Atoms O1. These individual Oxygen Atoms O1 combine with normal Oxygen molecules O2 and form Ozone O3. The Ozone gas created then reacts instantly with such things as bacteria, viruses, cysts, mildew and chloramines.

These Oxidized compounds then "clump" together thus greatly enhancing your filters capability to capture these organisms from your water. Once the Ozone loses the third unstable Oxygen molecule, it simply reverts back to life breathing Oxygen.


  • Reduces Harmful Chemicals by 60-90%
  • Improves Health and Water Clarity
  • Eliminates Burning Chemical Odors and Harmful Chloramine
  • Cost Savings
  • No more Irritated Red Eyes or Dry Itchy Skin
  • 55 times More Powerful than Chlorine
  • Works with salt water pools