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Caretaker Vinyl High Flow Cleaning Head Light Blue

Caretaker Vinyl High Flow Cleaning Head Light Blue


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Caretaker Vinyl High-FlowCleaning Head - Light Blue

The bayonet-style Caretaker 99 replacement head is for use in pools built during or after 1991. This new style cleaning head simplifies the removal of cleaning heads from the pool floor. Also manufactured under Aquatech In-Floor System, Aquatech, California Pools HydroClean, and Caretaker 99.

When ordering your Caretaker cleaning head you need to select a nozzle insert. Below are the different inserts to choose from and what they are typically used for.

MINI: 5 GPM, 2’ Cleaning Radius.
Used on small top steps, benches, beach entries or swim-outs to avoid splash out.

STEP AND BENCH: 7 GPM, 4’ Cleaning Radius.
Used in steps, pool benches, spa benches, swim-outs and beach entries.

FLOW ADJUST: 12 GPM 4’6” Cleaning Radius. Used to balance flows or increase cleaning on steps, benches and/or spas.

STANDARD: 16 GPM, 5’ Cleaning Radius.
Used in floor of pools and, at times, steps, spas, and benches to balance the flow or achieve greater cleaning.

FLOW PLUS: 25 GPM, 6’ Cleaning Radius.
Used when extra distance is needed in the area or when required to balance the flow rate. Used regularly on UltraFlex valve systems.

HIGH FLOW: 30 GPM, 7’6” Cleaning Radius.
Used when maximum cleaning distance is needed. Used commonly in commercial pools and to balance flows. It is always used in Environpool floors. (NOTE: This nozzle is pre-inserted at the factory and cannot be removed.) To purchase a High Flow head.

Note: This is the cleaning head only. Collars are sold separately.

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