AA Gamma 3 Metric Cleaning Head 551128 Complete


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Complete Cleaning Head for International Customers that use Metric! This A&A Manufacturing cleaning head comes complete with a metric collar, color ring, Gamma 3 cleaning head and a construction cap!

*This floor fitting goes within a 50mm pipe.

Features/Benefits :
    • QuikTwist design
      • Design allows complete assembly/disassembly of the head in seconds. No tools required.
    • QuikChange multiple head orifices built into each cleaning head
      • Allows you to pick the orifice size and corresponding flow that is correct for your application or change at anytime - 4 sizes to choose from.
    • A specially designed built in O-ring
      • Specially designed to eliminate water bypass to ensure maximum hydraulic efficiency.
    • Enlarged, strengthened, positive-locking tabs
      • Newly designed locking tabs to increase strength and allow for easy installation.
    • QuikSnap pop-out color rings
      • QuikSnap color rings simply snap in or out. Have the peace of mind to be able to change colors even after the original heads are set, even under water!