Caretaker 5 Port Valve 2 inch
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This is the Jandy Caretaker In-Floor Systems Water Valve with 2 inch Outlets. The NEW style Caretaker water valve came out in the year 2010. The TWO changes that Caretaker made to this valve compared to the "origninal" Caretaker Valve are: 2 inch ports (versus 1.5 inch) and different threads on the union. *Please note that if you have the original Caretaker valve manufactured before the year 2010 it has the 1-1/2 inch ports.

NOTICE: The manufacturer's new policy restricts us from selling the following items online.

  • 5-9-2200
  • 5-9-2026
  • 4-9-2003
  • 4-9-2027

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