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Paramount Clear O3® Ballast  005-402-3824-00

Paramount Clear O3® Ballast 005-402-3824-00


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The manufacturer Paramount has discontinued the distribution of the Ballast for the Clear O3 Ozone System for Clear 03 units manufactured before 09/30/2015. If your Clear 03 system was manufactured after 10/01/2015 then

For replacement, use the Clear O3 Ballast

If the ballast of your Paramount Clear O3 system no longer functions and it was manufactured before 09/30/2015, then your only option is to replace the entire unit with a new Clear O3 System New Paramount Clear O3 System.

Feel free to give us a call if you need assistance with your Paramount Clear O3 Ozone System.

Part number: 005-402-3824-00 | 005402382400

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