Paramount 2" Winterizing Plugs Set (6 Pack)

Paramount 2" Winterizing Plugs Set (6 Pack)


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Paramount 2" Winterizing Plugs Set (6 Pack)Paramount 2" Winterizing Plugs Set (6 Pack)
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Paramount Winterizing Plug for Paramount Water Valves - PACK OF SIX!.

  • Round with a flat side fits into a 2 inch base
  • Made with quality material so they're corrosion resistant
  • Designed to not slip down into the line!
  • Holds Pressure up to 15psi

  • Please note: These winterizing plugs come in a single unit or they can be purchased in a six pack.

    Will work on all Paramount water valves: PCC 2000®, Pool Valet®, PV3®, Cyclean®, Vanquish®, and Vantage®, In-Floor Cleaning Systems.

    *Tip - If your having a difficult time identifying which size base you have then you can open up the valve lid, remove the module and look at the open port holes. If the holes (ports) are perfectly circular, than it is a 1.5 inch base. Yet if the holes (ports) have a slit on the outer part of the hole, then it is a 2 inch. The 2 inch plugs are not perfectly circular and have a slit in them so they fit snug in the base.

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