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Paramount iJet 1-1/2in Variable Speed Knock In "Slip" Return - White #004-252-3060-01

Paramount iJet 1-1/2in Variable Speed Knock In "Slip" Return - White #004-252-3060-01


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No longer available due to manufacturer discontinuing part.

Now there is a smart solution to optimal water circulation with your variable speed pump running at any speed. Better water circulation means chemicals are dispersed throughout the pool and debris is pushed towards the skimmer for increased cost savings and reduced maintenance time.

The unique feature of the iJetŪ is that it automatically self-adjusts its orifice size to expand and contract based on the changing flow rates. With the pump running at lower speeds the patent pending iJetŪ acts as a 3/8" return providing optimal water velocity, agitation and circulation versus a standard 3/4" return.

At higher speeds the iJet's orifice expands to act as a 3/4" return to reduce back pressure on the pump. The flexibility of the iJetŪ eliminates the need to buy different size returns to maximize the cost savings and efficiency with your pool running at lower speeds.

The Paramount iJet works best with variable speed pumps but works just as well with any pump. It is a 1-1/2" knock in "slip" return (also available in a threaded) and comes in 8 different colors.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows you to run your pump at lower energy saving speeds while still giving you maximum water velocity and circulation

  • Self-adjusts to create balanced return velocity for poorly balanced, unevenly plumbed filtration systems with or without a variable speed pump

  • Maintains optimal return velocity as the filter becomes clogged

  • 1-1/2in Knock In "Slip" Return

  • Efficiently and effectively circulates chemicals and directs debris towards your skimmer with your variable speed pump running at any speed saving you time and money

  • Delivers optimal flow for existing single speed pumps

  • Universal for all plumbing

  • Easy installation

  • Available in 8 colors

  • The silicone diaphragm is durable and resistant to chemicals

  • Ideal for any pool including pools with salt chlorine generators

  • The iJet's soft silicone diaphragm design is safe

  • 1 year limited warranty

Available Colors:

White - 004-252-3060-01 | 004252306001
Light Gray - 004-252-3060-08 | 004252306008