Paramount Pool Valet 1 Hole Nozzle - White #004-502-5002-01

Paramount Pool Valet 1 Hole Nozzle - White #004-502-5002-01


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Paramount has discontinued the Pool Valet Nozzles. We have two alternatives available, A&A Manufacturing 522044 or Paramount Pool Valet Retro. Please call for more information.

Paramount Pool Products Pool Valet 1 Hole Nozzle.

The Pool Valet Nozzle is manufactured by Paramount Pool Systems. Each hole on the Pool Valet is either 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch. The nozzle comes with 4 partial holes in it. Only one or two are drilled out all the way. The nozzle can be ordered as a blank and it is left to the installer to drill out the proper holes. *Note: Blank nozzles will cause the pump to dead head out if you do not drill out the hole in the nozzle.

Broken Pool Valet Nozzles:

  • Remove the nozzle threaded ring with the metal hand tool. Then replace the nozzle with a new nozzle that has the same size hole. When a nozzle breaks there is usually a reason and most of the time it is because debris has plugged one or more of the nozzles in that circuit so check all nozzles on the circuit(zone)for debris.
  • If the threaded part of the body in the plaster is broken it can be repaired with a pool valet retro kit.

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