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Stingl SR-500 Switch

Stingl SR-500 Switch


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Stingl SR-500 SwitchStingl SR-500 Switch
  • Product Description
The Model SR-500 is a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) which works by monitoring the vacuum on the suction side of the pool or spa pump. When a blockage occurs in the main drain or skimmer a sudden rise in vacuum will cause the SR-500 to shut down pump operation and activate an audible alarm. The pump will remain off with the alarm sounding until manually reset.

Features and Benefits

* Complies with ASME/ANSI 112.19.17 as required by the International Building Codes (IBC) and the International Residential Codes (IRC)

* Meets all current codes and standards for SVRSs on new and existing pools and spas

* Can act as pool controller with programmable timer, or as stand alone SVRS working in conjunction with existing pool controller

* Newest state-of-art NEC microprocessor technology-- guaranteed reliability and performance

* Vacuum monitored 128 times per second -- rapid response and accurate readings

* Power monitored 50/60 times per second -- insures continuous power detection

* Can act as a pool and spa controller - with fully programmable 24 hour timer, or as stand alone SVRS working in conjunction with existing pool and spa controller

* Integrates with existing timer box - (for easy retrofit)

* Low vacuum sensing - (prevents cavitations or running the pump dry, eliminating costly equipment failure)

* 30 minute maintenance override - (for pool or spa service)

* Accessible extra dry contact auxiliary equipment can be added

* Power back-up insures settings and reading will be saved (30 minute rapid recharge)

* Display error readout - (prevents guessing during troubleshooting)

* Works on all size pumps

* Easy and trouble free installation - (no pipes to cut or glue)

* Turns off pump in milliseconds upon detecting sudden vacuum change

* Multiple audible alarm capabilities allows for quicker alert to harmful situations

* Provides a layer of protection, reducing entrapment risk