Taylor Bromine OT Midget Test Kit K-1293

Taylor Bromine OT Midget Test Kit K-1293


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Taylor Bromine OT Test Kit for your pool.

This kit tests for Bromine OT (0.2-3.0 ppm) using a midget comparator.

Components for Kit Number: K-1293
 Component    Description    Quantity 
 4028    PIPET, CAL (0.5 ML) W/ CAP     
 5520    INSTRUCTIONS, MIDG, BR, OT, 0.5-8.0 PPM    
 6002    BRUSH, TEST CELL     
 7004    CASE, MIDG, NON-RIB, 4X3.5X4    
 7262    CASE LABEL     
 8026    KIMPAC, 4X7.75 WHITE     
 9034    MIDG, BR (TOTAL), OT, .2-3.0 PPM     
 R-0600-A    ORTHOTOLIDINE, .75 OZ     

DISCLAIMER: Due to some recent changes from Canada customs we cannot ship any Taylor test kits or reagents to a Canadian address. We apologize for the inconvenience.