Taylor Manganese LVP Slide Test Kit K-3221

Taylor Manganese LVP Slide Test Kit K-3221


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Taylor Manganese Test Kit

This kit tests for Manganese (0-3.0 ppm) using the Long Viewpath™ Slide Comparator.

Components for Kit Number: K-3221

 Component    Description    Quantity 
 4078    PIPETnbsp;   
 5255    INSTRUCTIONS    
 6000    BRUSH, TEST CELL     
 6069    ADHESIVE 3M CARTRIDGE     .005 
 7000    CASE     
 7009    BAG    
 7362    CASE LABEL     
 8155    KIMPAC    
 9018    TEST CELL     
 9189    BASE, SL, ENSLOW     
 9222    2 OZ BOTTLE     
 9421A    SL LVP MANGANESE 0-3.0 PPM    
 R-0905-C    CITRATE BUFF, 2 OZ     
 R-0906-I    PERIODATE PDR, 10 G     

DISCLAIMER: Due to some recent changes from Canada customs we cannot ship any Taylor test kits or reagents to a Canadian address. We apologize for the inconvenience.