Taylor TTi 2000 Colorimeter M-2000

Taylor TTi 2000 Colorimeter M-2000


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Taylor TTi 2000 Colorimeter

The Colorimeter is preprogrammed for operators, service professionals, and others who want to assure that water in pools and spas is chemically balanced and safe for bathers. Will accommodate an additional 10 user-developed tests. Contains two 15 mm sample cells, two 25 mm sample cells, one 50 mL dilution vial, one foam brush, four batteries, one AC power adapter, one USB cable, PC App, lifetime free access to new tests for TTi 2000, Quick-Start Guide.

Purchase colorimeter reagent packs separately.

Components for Kit Number: M-2000
 Component    Description    Quantity 
 2325    LABEL    
 5543    QUICK START GUIDE    
 5885    INSTRUCTIONS    
 6105-4    AA BATTERY, 4PK    
 6535    AC ADAPTER    
 6551    DILUTION VIAL (50ML W/ CAP)    
 6552    USB CABLE    
 6649    SAMPLE CELL BRUSH    
 7203    INSERT    
 7205    LABEL     
 8104    BOX    
 9012    PIPET, CAL (0.5&1.0 ML)    
 9601    SAMPLE CELL, (25MM) W/ CAP     
 9602    SAMPLE CELL, (15MM) W/ CAP     
 M-2000A    TTi 2000     

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