Pentair A&A 6 Port Top Feed Tsunami Kit (540234)

Pentair A&A 6 Port Top Feed Tsunami Kit (540234)


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Pentair A&A 6 Port Top Feed Tsunami Kit (540234)Pentair A&A 6 Port Top Feed Tsunami Kit (540234)
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This Kit is for a 6 Port Top Feed A&A Water Valve that have the large Acrylic Balls at the bottom of the water valve. This Kit will be eliminating the acrylic balls and replacing them with T-Valves. We highly recommend that you upgrade your valve with this kit.

-The gear plate in this kit may differ from the parts you are replacing. The gear plate (cam) will have 10 gears rather than the previous plate that had 5. (This change will allow for even wear of the gears.)

Includes:Impeller, Assembled Gear Plate, Center Shaft, Cam, O-Ring, 2 Anti-Friction Washers, 2 Shims, 6 Tsunami Clips, Elevation Tool, and Adhesive.

-This Kit replaces all water valve parts including Balls and T Valves.. Replacement kit for Magna Sweep, Quick Clean, California Clean, Turbo Clean, Auto Clean, and Smart Clean In-Floor Cleaning Systems.

This is a top feed 6 port water valve-

NOTE:If your water valve already has the T-Valve Clips than the kit you need is Tsunami Water Valve Kit part number 540269.

The new part number is 230065. When Pentair purchased A&A Manufacturing, they changed all the part numbers. The kit is the same kit as before, just with a new part number.

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