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Pentair A&A QuikPure3 Ozone Oxidation System (25K Gallon) 556625

Pentair A&A QuikPure3 Ozone Oxidation System (25K Gallon) 556625


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For pool water that feels smooth to your skin, A&A's QuikPure3 eliminates the contaminants in your pool, leaving you with purified water that is healthier for you and your family. That means no more harsh chlorine smell, red eyes, itchy skin, or discolored hair. Just clean, fresh water.

QuikPure3 instantly breaks apart and destroys the chloramines by producing ozone, the safest yet strongest oxidizer available. This leaves nothing but clear, clean water and a healthier family environment.

QuikPure3 Benefits:
* Safety Shut-Off Feature
* Visual Unit On Indicator Light
* Dual Voltage - 110v and/or 220v
* Large 25,000 Gallon Single Bulb Capacity Unit
* Simple Valveless Input Controller
* Easy Installation
* No Periodic Maintenance Required
* 2 Year Limited Warranty

Advanced pool cleaning with the power of all-natural oxidation. The unpleasant odor that often resides in pools can be eliminated by oxidizing your pool's water. This is caused by contaminants known as combined chlorines, or chloramines, not the chlorine itself. A&A's QuikPure3 releases ozone into your pool, breaking down the contaminates and eliminates the smell and harshness of the chemicals. The ozone then reverts back to oxygen, producing clean, healthy water. Purifying your water with ozone reduces the amount of chemicals needed to keep your pool clean, which is not only good for you, but also the environment.

When contaminants like chloramines get into your pool's water, it is often treated with a "shock" method, using even more chlorine and sanitizers in the process. The QuikPure3, using only ozone, drastically decreases the amount of chlorine and other chemicals needed to keep your pool's water fresh and healthy. Because this means you almost never have to shock your pool, you save on the costs of algaecides, pH balancing, clarifiers, and other filtering aids. And with the QuikPure3, scale and tile-line build up are greatly reduced, which means less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it.

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