Pentair A&A G4 Venturi Cleaning Head - Gold # 565589

Pentair A&A G4 Venturi Cleaning Head - Gold # 565589


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The New Evolution in Automated Cleaning and Circulation

The G4V is a revolutionary new cleaning head technology that incorporates the power of the venture with a patented laminar flow path design that will change the way you look at in-floor cleaning and circulation systems. Available on new pools,
This technology can also be retrofitted on existing Gamma 3 systems.


  • Significantly reduce pump speeds
  • Lower operating pressures,
  • Increase system performance
  • Save more than 50% on energy costs

-- Sound impossible? Welcome to G4V technology…

Increased Hydraulic Efficiency Increased Energy Efficiency

G4V affords the customer the ability to run their systems at energy efficient levels*, while at the same time, increasing system performance. On average, energy savings in excess of 50% can be realized compared to conventional in-floor cleaning and circulation systems when using the G4V technology. Simultaneously, operating pressures are considerably lower, decreasing wear and tear on all system components. Better filtration. Cleaner Water. Increased Heating Efficiency. Reduced Maintenance. Fewer Callbacks.

*When used with energy efficient variable speed pumps

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