Pentair A&A G4 Cleaning Head(G4I) - Light Gray (567656)

Pentair A&A G4 Cleaning Head(G4I) - Light Gray (567656)


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A&A Manufacturing Gamma 4 Cleaning Head Internal Is The Same Exact Cleaning Head As The Gamma 3 (Gamma III) Style, Just Improved.

The Gamma 4 cleaning head can be adjusted to give you 4 different flow rates. Adjusting the orifice size and does not require a tool.

The Gamma 4 Cleaning head has been improved with new locking tabs to increase the strength and allow for easy installation. If your pool surface color is changed in the future you can easily change the color ring that is attached to the collar with different color.
This technology can also be retrofitted on existing Gamma 3 systems.

This Replaces Previous Part Numbers:
566071, 566080, 566098, 566101, 566119, 566127, 566135, 546863, 546880, 546898, 553385, 553414, 553393, 558821, 561692

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