Blue Square R360 Valve with 6 Port Adapter

Blue Square R360 Valve with 6 Port Adapter


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Blue Square R360 Valve with 6 Port AdapterBlue Square R360 Valve with 6 Port AdapterBlue Square R360 Valve with 6 Port Adapter
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Do not give up on your Paramount/Paddock in-floor cleaning system! Revive it with the new R360 Valve with 6 Port adapter from Blue Square.

The R360 P6 Adapter and the Q360 Variable Speed Water Valve Assembly is designed to replace your . Replacing these old style valves will revitalize your in-floor cleaning and circulation system.


  • Q360 Valve
  • Adapter
  • Plumbing Template
  • Using this will allow 12% more water flow for the same energy dollar and greater cleaning radius with a smoother pressure transition. Replaces Paramount 6 port water valves with 2" pipes. If replacing a valve that has 1.5" pipes you will need to purchase reducers.


    • Improves cleaning & overall performance
    • Save money & energy with lower pressures
    • Low cost maintenance and less hassle
    • Plumbs into your existing 2" pipes
    • Paramount 6 Port Water Valves
    Optional Plumbing Kit !! This kit will give you the necessary items to get your water valve installation done right. These parts are a must have when installing a new water valve. (choose in the dropdown above)

    *Glue - Basic clear glues do not hold well with pressure and in time can potential cause the seal to weaken. Your Weld-On 746 Glue can hold up better from the pressure of the water valve. We all know how fast clear PVC glues dries, but with the Weld-On 746 Glue it is a medium setting giving you time to seat the pipes properly.
    *Primer - Before any pipe installation a primer is essential for proper preparation of PVC pipes and fitting surfaces.
    *Saw - The PVC Wire Saw cuts faster and easier. It is perfect for tight spots and quick cuts.
    *Alignment Tool - Get all your pipes lined up just where you need them with the Alignment Tool

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