Paramount Parascope Fountain Plumbing Kit

Paramount Parascope Fountain Plumbing Kit


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Paramount Parascope Fountain Plumbing Kit

Paramount’s Parascope, a 3 in 1 telescoping water feature, is a beautiful addition to any pool or spa. This elegant water feature elevates the aesthetic look of your pool and gives you the calming sounds of a gentle waterfall. Once it is time to swim, Parascope descends flush with your pool or spa floor, making it virtually undetectable. With the added flexibility of Parascope you are able to enjoy its relaxing sights and sounds whenever you desire. Parascope is an affordable way to ascend your pool or spa experience. Every Parascope comes with three interchangeable spray styles: Flower, Bubbler, Umbrella.

Parascope Features and Benefits include:

  • Variable height adjustment. Works in water depths up to 36"
  • Water feature retracts flush with the pool or spa floor
  • Three (3) fountain styles included with every Parascope:
    Flower, Bubbler, Umbrella
  • Fountain caps available in six colors to compliment any pool or spa finish

The Paramount Parascope Fountain Plumbing Kit is a replacement kit designed perfectly for your pools water feature to enhance its beauty so there will be no dull moments on it.

Part Number: 004-059-2380-00 / 004059238000