Caretaker 99 DustVac Center Plate 1-9-220

Caretaker 99 DustVac Center Plate 1-9-220


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Replacement Center Plate for Polaris DustVac Water Valve.

The DustVac valve was manufactured in the color tan. The manufacture now only produces this valve in the color black. Please note the unit you will be shipped is black in color.

The center plate is connected to the top housing using 12 screws. The original center plates only had 6 screw holes, yet the manufacture has now updated the plate with additional screw holes. If your valve top housing only has 6 screw holes this center plate WILL WORK just fine!

Tip - Be sure that your o-rings are new.

This center plate is compatible with the following brand names: Caretaker In Floor, Zodiac In Floor, Polaris In Floor, Diffazur In Floor, DustVac, Jandy In Floor.

Part Number 1-9-220/ 1-9-214 (black unit)

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