Paramount Debris Canister Complete (New Construction) - Beige #004-152-4720-07

Paramount Debris Canister Complete (New Construction) - Beige #004-152-4720-07


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When dirt, sand, leaves, and debris fall into your swimming pool, they usually end up sinking to the bottom. The Paramount Debris Containment Canister provides a convenient place to collect debris for easy removal, right from the deck of the pool! With a capacity 400% larger than your average pump basket, you can dispose of the contained debris easier and less often.

Conventional pools accumulate debris quickly. Pools equipped with the Paramount Canister are cleaner pools with debris held out of sight and ready for easy disposal. The Paramount Canister connects to the suction side of the pump, using the power of the pump without robbing performance and allowing your pool builder to install a smaller, more economical pump.

  • Deck Canister
  • Deck Lid & Ring - Beige
  • Clear Internal Lid
*Does not include the fine mesh bag, this is sold separately.

Features & Benefits

  • Conveniently located pool side for easy access
  • Holds 300% more than most pump baskets
  • Quick & easy debris removal; no threads, clamps, or seals
  • Pre-filters large debris to keep the pump working efficiently
  • Reduces maintenance and time spent removing debris
  • Sturdy PVC construction
  • Available in three colors to blend with any deck

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