Paramount PCC2000 Rotating Nozzle - Gray #004-552-5020-02

Paramount PCC2000 Rotating Nozzle - Gray #004-552-5020-02


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Paramount PCC2000 Rotating Nozzle (Includes Nozzle Jet Insert).

Paramount PCC2000 In Floor Cleaning system consists of rotating nozzles and two fixed nozzles located by the main drain. In some systems the steps and benches may have a small diameter size cleaning head called the PCC2000 Step Nozzle.

The PCC2000 Rotating nozzle is approximately 3 1/2 inches in diameter. If you are ever unsure of what nozzle you have please feel free to email or call us.

When inpecting your nozzles for damage or wear also take a look at your downjets to make sure they are pointing in the correct direction. This will help with keeping your pool clean.

NOTE: This is a Reverse Thread Nozzle. Counter clockwise to install and clockwise to remove.

Disassembling the Nozzle:
Hold the top part of the nozzle in your left hand firmly and then grasp the stem with your right hand. As you hold the top part of the nozzle in place you will turn the stem counter-clockwise a quarter turn. At this point you can pull the stem out (away from the top part).

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