Paramount SwingSweep 6 Jet System- Taupe #006-721-1001-04

Paramount SwingSweep 6 Jet System- Taupe #006-721-1001-04


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SwingSweep is ideal as a stand alone system, improving both cleaning and circulation, and can even supercharge any Paramount In-floor Cleaning system.

SwingSweep's patented wall mounted jets, powered by our Swingjet technology, fit into most threaded wall returns and deliver an infinitely adjustable 3-step 90 degree water flow arc with an innovative automatic reversing mechanism.



(1) 2 Port Valve

(6) SwingJets

(1) SwingJet Tool


  • Improves overall circulation & heating
  • Adjustable 3-step 90 degree cleaning arc
  • Only wall return with ratcheting & sweep technology
  • Saves chemicals for the life of the pool