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Red Leopard Flexi Skimmer Net # 60102

Red Leopard Flexi Skimmer Net # 60102


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Red Leopard Flexi Skimmer Net # 60102Red Leopard Flexi Skimmer Net # 60102Red Leopard Flexi Skimmer Net # 60102
  • Product Description
Flexi-Frame Skimmer Net model and the Flexi-Frame Deep Net model - the Flexi-Skimmer Net has soft leading edge and is for skimming up floating surface leaves/debris/insects/pollen/etc. (Sometimes called a leaf net or leaf rake.) The Flexi-Deep Net has an extra-large capacity with gentle and softly Flexi-rounded corners; for scooping up debris within and on the bottom of swimming pools. The Flexi-Deep Net frame has ‘drag-reduction’ perforations to provide a lighter-drag, water-load with movement of the net along the bottom and within the swimming pool.

  • Flexi-Skimmer Net model (#F10012) and the Flexi-Deep Net model (#F10013) - both Flexi-Nets will provide easy debris collection from pool floor, the surface and into hard to reach areas. Both Nets are a ‘must –have’ for pool owners.
  • Flexi-Frame ‘memory’ Nets - both Flexi-Nets are sculpted for superior debris collection by bending around obstacles in a swimming pools and then bouncing back to shape – perfect for cleaning around ladders, lights, steps and into corners.
  • Double Molded Nets - both Flexi-Nets are double over-molded to provide a super-strong and more durable connection between the Net and the Frame; dramatically reducing risk of Net detaching from Frame.
  • Soft touch finish edge - these Flexi-Nets have a soft to touch edging to prevent surface damage to the swimming pool. Flexi-Nets are also the perfect choice for Vinyl Swimming Pools.
  • Wishbone frame - red Leopard’s Patented Wishbone Frame adds strength by supporting and holding the Nets at each end; providing more stability, easier to guide and control and much more comfortable to use than standard nets.
  • Fits all standard poles - both Flexi-Frame Nets fit standard telescopic poles for Swimming Pools.

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