Taylor FAS DPD Test Kit - Chlorine K-2006

Taylor FAS DPD Test Kit - Chlorine K-2006


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A complete DPD test kit designed for service people, commercial pool operators and health dept officials interested in economy & portability. Uses .75 oz reagents. Includes printed color comparator, waterproof instructions, treatment charts and chemistry guide.

*w/ Titrants to improve accuracy.

Components for Kit Number: K-2006
 Component    Description    Quantity 
 2004B    BOOKLET,POOL&SPA WATER CHEM,2011 ed.    
 5138    K-2006 SERIES INSTRUCTIONS    
 9191    BOT,CA DISP,7&14ML,PL W/CAP    
 R-0003-A    DPD RGT #3; .75 OZ DB    
 R-0004-A    PH IND SOL (PR);.75OZ DB    
 R-0005-A    ACID DEMAND RGT (ADR);.75OZ DB    
 R-0006-A    BASE DEMAND RGT (BDR);.75OZ DB    
 R-0007-A    THIOSULFATE N/10; .75 OZ DB    
 R-0008-A    TOT ALK IND; .75 OZ DB    
 R-0009-A    SULFURIC ACID .12N; .75 OZ DB    
 R-0010-A    CALCIUM BUFF; .75 OZ DB    
 R-0011L-A    CALCIUM IND LIQ; .75 OZ DB    
 R-0012-A    HARDNESS RGT; .75 OZ DB    
 R-0013-A    CYA RGT;.75OZ DB    
 R-0870-I    DPD PDR; 10 GM V    
 R-0871-A    FAS-DPD TTR''G RGT; .75 OZ DB    

DISCLAIMER: Due to some recent changes from Canada customs we cannot ship any Taylor test kits or reagents to a Canadian address. We apologize for the inconvenience.