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Techni-Clean Nozzle - Gray #465444

Techni-Clean Nozzle - Gray #465444


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Techni-Clean Nozzle - Gray #465444Techni-Clean Nozzle - Gray #465444Techni-Clean Nozzle - Gray #465444
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The Techni-Clean In-Floor Cleaning System commands performance in your new pool, spa or water feature. Excellence in design and engineering which is protected by two U.S. patents has resulted in simplicity with proven reliability. Designed by experienced pool professionals and for all discriminating residential or commercial owners who want a quality yet cost effective cleaning system. The heads are strategically positioned during construction in the floor, benches and steps to give you the best possible cleaning action. Place the system in command for complete coverage in any shape pool and realize the many advantages of it. We offer the top-of-the-line pop-up cleaning heads at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

  • Proven design and reliability.
  • Works in any shape pool.
  • Eliminates floating equipment and hoses.
  • Saves on heating costs.
  • Better bacteria and algae control.
  • Ideal for pool covers.
  • Custom design service.
  • State of the art water distribution valve.

SIMPLICITY - only three parts assembled with two stainless steel screws into a compact unit.

COST EFFICIENCY - Lower maintenance costs. The head has no cogs, gears or wheels to fail and be replaced. Filter pump distributes heated water and chemicals evenly and efficiently, simple disassembly, if ever required.

CONVENIENCE - eliminates unsightly and inconvenient floating equipment and feed hoses. Ideal system for easy operation with all pool covers.

RELIABILITY - quality engineered through extensive research and development, testing, field applications and everyday pool use.

VERSATILITY - Our factory engineered design service provides custom plans and specifications for installing the system. Facsimile facilities assure quick turn-around.

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