Caretaker 99 EnvironPool Bottom Plate 1-9-217

Caretaker 99 EnvironPool Bottom Plate 1-9-217


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Replacement Bottom Plate for Polaris EnvironPool Water Valve - 1.5 inch

*Environpool valve was manufactured in the color green. The manufacture now only produces this valve in the color black. Please note the unit you will be shipped is black in color.

Use gray glue when installing the bottom plate. New pools that were built with the Caretaker In Floor System after the year 2010 generally used the 2 inch bottom plate 1-9-239.

This bottom plate is compatible with the following brand names: Caretaker, Zodiac, Polaris , Diffazur, Environpool and Jandy.

U.S. Part Number 1-9-217 (old style in green), 1-9-215 (new style in black) and International Part Number W3630005

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