Caretaker 99 EnvironPool Water Valve Complete 5-9-3000

Caretaker 99 EnvironPool Water Valve Complete 5-9-3000


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Polaris EnvironPool Complete Water Valve - 1.5" .

PLEASE READ: Environpool valve was manufactured in the color green. The manufacturer now only produces this valve in the color black. Please note the unit you will be shipped is black in color.

This is a complete valve and it comes with all the necessary parts as seen below. You may want to add to the cart some gray glue part number IPS-60-741. This glue allows you enough time to seat the base to the pipes, verses other fast drying glues.

The EnvironPool valve comes complete with the following:
Top dome 3-9-201
Pressure gauge 1-3-1
Gear plate assembly and 5 pistons
Center plate 1-9-214
1.5 inch bottom plate 1-9-215
Band Clamp 3-9-216
Five small O-Rings, 2 large O-rings
Two unions complete with O-Rings 4-1-2002
One cup strainer 1-1-216
Pressure Relief Valve 1-1-220

Part number 5-9-3000 / 5-9-2000 (black unit)

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