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Paramount Water Valve
Paramount Water Valve

The Paramount Water Valve is a bottom feed valve, and is available in either black or almond. It includes a run/pause switch on the top center of the valve. Newer valves contain a pressure gauge on the side, while older models may not. With the Paramount model, it is common for several valves to be located near each other, depending on the size of the pool.

Paramount manufactures a 2 Port Valve, 3 Port Valve, 4 Port Valve, and a 6 Port Valve. All valves conveniently share the same housing.

A combination of different types of valves can be installed to accommodate different sized pools. The most common model is the Six Port Valve. However, for small bodies of water, like spas and negative edge basins, a Two Port Valve is used. For larger pools, a 9 Port Valve (6 Port + 4 Port) and a 12 Port Valve (6 Port + 2 Port + 6 Port) are used.

See Diagram for Reference.